IteraCare Pro


Price: US$1,280.00

DO NOT USE THE DEVICE if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, are menstruating or have congenital
heart disease. Anyone with an open wound, fracture, has metal plates/pins/joints or plastic surgical lens
replacement in the eyes must not use this device over that part of the body.

 Frequency of therapy: 2 to 3x per day  15 min-30 min(with at least 4 hours between). Limit treatments to 1 hour at a time.
 The Classic and Premium device will need to shut off after an hour to cool off. Professional device will work until you turn it off.

 The more chronic the issue, the more treatments may be needed. Some see results within 5 to 15 treatments.
 It may take up to a year of consistent use for some to show results
 Hair and Scalp:
 Many users report significant improvement in their hair condition. Consider “blow-drying” your scalp and hair, instead of using a hair dryer

Don't use it on your head when you have a high blood pressure.

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