This exceptional  workshop is curated for:

  1. Women beginning to witness noticeable changes to their skin, including deep folds and wrinkling.

  2. The ladies who have diligently researched and invested in skin care products, often coined "miracle lotions and potions", only to experience disappointment in the results.

  3. Those who have attempted solo ventures in the realm of skin care and wish to avoid invasive procedures.

  4. Successful women with bustling schedules who have minimal time to commit to facial clinics, yet understand the importance of maintaining a youthful appearance.

  5. Moms who have sent their children to college and now look in the mirror only to be startled by an aging reflection, wishing to embark on a natural age-reversal journey.

Embark on a 2-hour immersive video coaching workshop, designed to equip you with the necessary tools and insights to naturally slow down and, in several cases, reverse biological skin aging. 

In your journey with us, Yolanda will inquire about your specific skin-care needs and assess your existing home care routine. Based on her analysis, she will offer personalized recommendations and present a winning home care strategy which can be easily woven into your daily routine.

This hands-on workshop will also feature demonstrations by Yolanda on the most effective face massage techniques that cater to your specific skin requirements. We invite participants to come prepared and ready to actively participate in the interactive training that will be recorded for future reference.

Included in this package are:

  • Zoom-based Skin Evaluation
  • Review of your current skincare routine
  • Custom recommendations and a step-by-step guide to tackle your unique skin challenges or concerns
  • A post-session video training 

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Is your skin aging too rapidly?
Do you feel you need to see a plastic surgeon? Wait! 
Let Yolanda help you look and feel younger naturally. 


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FREE (inc. tax)

Do you need help with your skin care or a face exercise routine?

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Yolanda Russo, the skin care expert, has found that people of all ages have a strong desire to look younger. After nearly two decades of working with thousands of women, she is convinced that it is possible to look 10 years younger as our body is very forgiving and it has an innate ability to heal itself. Those who are looking for natural ways to looking younger will find this book very useful. Yolanda claims that there is more to beauty than a face. She offers simple strategies to regain balance and find joy in living while resetting the Age Clock.

Yolanda has found that health and beauty are connected, and no amount of expensive cream or makeup can cover up the stress or exhaustion. The author believes when you are happy, your skin looks radiant, and your life seems to be radiant too. However, when you are stressed all the time your physical beauty may slip away prematurely. Fortunately, our body can reset itself and reward us with a youthful face as soon as we start getting enough sleep, eat a reasonably healthy diet and manage the stress. This book offers simple yet overlooked ways of achieving balance in everyday life and finding joy in living. In Chapter 6 you’ll find simple yet effective strategies to help you look and feel younger.

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US$50.28 (inc. tax)

Hydra Marine Moisturizer is perfect moisturizer for young and men skin. Clinical tests show marked improvement in skin's hydration levels. This formula uses an extract of bio-fermentation of a strain of red marine algae abundant along the shores of the Hawaiian Islands. Studies have also shown a substantial reduction in redness. Soothes irritated and dehydrated skin.

Horse Chestnut Extract and Hyaluronic Acid is a perfect combination for a dry and irritated skin. 

A powerful combination of Vit E and Vit A rebalances the skin and protects it from premature aging. 

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - Anti-oxidant. Known to trigger the production of collagen.

Ginseng Extract – Ginseng Extract is beneficial in this moisturizer for revitalizing and conditioning the skin. 

Rose Hip Extract – Extremely rich source of Vitamin C, containing ten times the amount contained in oranges. Rose Hips also contains Vitamin A, B, B2, E, K, and P as well as iron and copper compounds.

Co Q 10 – Ubiquinone – is a vitamin like nutrient that resides in the mitochondrial cell membrane. Coenzyme Q 10 is known for cellular energy source.

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US$80.25 (inc. tax)

Intense hydration without oils. Great moisturizer to restore elasticity, tone down lines & preserve skin cell hydration levels for 24 hours. It assists the skin in restoring the hydration by binding moisture from the environment. It gives you feeling of a dewy skin especially when it is humid and when you drink enough water.

Main ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid and the Extract of Imperata Cylindrica Root. Red Marine Algae. Squalane, She Butter, Aloe and  Cucumber extract.

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US$38.51 (inc. tax)

Amazingly lightweight citrus moisturizer great for acne skin and oily skin. It contains extracts of sage leaf and watercress (anyone with a tree allergies should avoid using it). Its an acne skin care product suitable for every skin.

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US$62.05 (inc. tax)

Apply 4-6 pumps to a freshly cleansed skin. This product rehydrates and soothes irritated skin. Can be used as a day or night crème.

Soy Proteins help to bring back luster and a youthful radiance to your delicate skin. Isoflavones found in soy protein are known to protect the skin against hormone-related aging.

Matrixyl® - Clinically tested results; 44.9% reduction of deep wrinkles, 16.6 % reduction lifting effects, 14.4% reduction of roughness within 2 months of daily use.


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US$59.91 (inc. tax)

This ultra light moisturizer provides the full spectrum of antioxidant ingredients including resveratrol, coffee and goji berry extract. High-powered antioxidant fruit blends and anti-aging peptides provide new ways to quench the skin’s need for protection and free radical fighting power. It's best to use it as a moisturizer during the summer or as a serum in winter.

Very potent Garcinia Mangostana Peel Extract- Inflammatory fruit, high in anti-oxidants known as xanthones. Stop using if you feel any heat or irritation.



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