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Yolanda Russo, an author, well-being advocate, and holistic skin care expert. For the past two decades, she's been empowering people to take charge over how they look and feel. Yolanda educates her listeners about natural solutions and easy DIY to help their mind and body and feel younger and more confident. The coaching classes are now offered via video so that you don't have to travel and still benefit from her wisdom in the comfort of the home.

Yolanda has created a Community  for health-conscious people in addition to supporting her clients at Speranzi Facial Spa, Verona NJ.

She is a founder of Beauty On Command Natural Facelift Method and BOC Skin Care plant-based skin care products. Yolanda is passionate about the health of the skin and educates her clients on best skin care practices to slow down the skin aging.

You can find her at the Facial Clinic  or online at

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