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Great solution for red and sensitive skin, mild surfactants designed to cleanse the skin without irritation. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – Aloe has been known for its anesthetic, anti-bacterial, and tissue restorative properties.

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The key component of this anti aging cleanser are glycoproteins which assists cell-to-cell communication. This cleanser is refreshing and hydrating and rinses clean. Lightly scented by orchid extract.


Decyl Glucoside –This natural corn derived surfactant possesses moisturizing properties and is gentle for delicate skin.

Glycoproteins – Known for its rejuvenating and revitalizing properties.

Ginseng Extract – Ginseng Extract is beneficial in this toner for revitalizing and conditioning all skin types.  Used for thousands of years and touted to be life prolonging, it is a cure for literally all human ills and the cornerstone of a multimillion dollar ginseng trade.

Japanese Green Tea Extract (Camellia Olifera Extract) – This extract helps reduce skin irritation and redness.  Japanese Green Tea Extract acts as an effective anti-oxidant to scavenge free radicals.

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Do not use if you have allergies to mint. Delicious scent of fresh mint, rosemary and spearmint oils. Slight tingling can occur due to the fruit acids activity.

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For next day blemish control and relief, this clear spot treatment quickly helps reduce swelling, inflammation. Zit No More skin care product reduces the redness.

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Video Training Course to help you erase signs of aging naturally.

Yolanda Russo, holistic skin care expert demonstrates extremely effective techniques that can help you future proof the skin from deep wrinkles, mouth folds and double chin and more...

This easy to follow step-by-step process helps you to follow this routine as often as you can in a comfort of your own home.  

Check your email for access to our private community where you can ask questions and share your wins with us. 

The course is broken down to 3 zones of the face:  

1.The Neck (learn how melt down the double chin and prevent neck folds from forming)

2. The Cheeks/Mouth (firming and lifting treatment and face massage)

3. The Eyes/Forehead (eliminate the dark circles and forehead lines naturally)

Bonus: One 30 min coaching sessions and ongoing support via chat within the community. ( The coaching and virtual support must be related to the course )





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All you need to begin strengthening and/or rebuilding collagen: 

This process is recommended for skin showing loss of collagen-deep lines on forehead, around the mouth and not as defined jawline. The Crepey Repair Creme helps to eliminate a double chin. Yolanda advocates simplicity and believes all you need is a 3 Step Process at home.

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Best solution for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin in need of gentle exfoliation.

Yolanda recommends using this kit during your AM and PM home care. By the time you use up your products you should see the skin looking amazingly smooth and lighter.

Please use sunscreen. 

* There should be no tingling or heat produced during the use of this cleanser. Please pay attention to how you feel within a minute and discontinue use of it if you feel any symptoms related to allergy. This prodcut contains nuts.

*You should feel slight tingling when using the Brighten Up Creme. Use 4-6 drops after the ascorbic acid serum.

*Ascorbic Acid Serum contains gold and a powerful anioxidant-glutathione. Use 4 drops right after cleansing with focus on the most problematic parts of the face. Leave it to absorb for 1 minute. No tingling is expected.

Please send us a message if you require additional help at

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