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The 2023 is here so is our awareness of the need for serious attention to self care. During the past 2 years we kept living in a survival mode and neglected most of the things that were making our life radiant and worth living.

As a skin care professional I focus on body-mind in order to bring about changes in my clients skin and overall well-being.What I have noticed though that there is a sense of unexplained fear of the unknown and decided to step out of the box and offer a Virtual Beauty Visits that accomplish the same thing as the face to face visit in a facial room. Except that the work is done by Self.

Just like any coaching /training would help you, Virtual Consultation is just the same. You become aware of your skin and it’s condition, understand the reasons behind your skin not looking as you’d like it to look. Then you get a custom tailored how-to plan to follow.

The home care routine includes some changes in your diet and lifestyle with addition short and sweet daily routine. My clients love it and I know anyone who is looking for help with their skin will be surprised as to how quickly you take the power back and prove to yourself that it is worth doing the work to raise your energy.

The only way to happiness is You Begin Smiling again.

If you are new to the subject of skin care or feel that it is very confusing, don't worry I can help you overcome the fear of doing it on you own. I believe Virtual Consultation with me will save you money because you won't be making mistakes in buying lotions and potions that promise miracle changes in just 2 minutes! You know what I am talking about. But more importantly a coaching with me will save you time from doing your own research and stop watching hundreds of videos to find the right program to follow.



Online Beauty Consultation

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