You Are The Creator of Your Reality

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I've always said that our body has ability to change and transform only when you allow it. I see it everyday while working with my clients. 

 When you first notice you feel tired or sick you have the opportunity to change that. The New Science Bruce Lipton talks about is Quantum Physics. This new science puts us in a driver seat of life, it states that we don't have to wait for someone to change the world, we are the change makers, it is in our hands.

The old science, the Newtonian Science of a cause and effect science molded us into robotic living and repeating the same patterns or mistakes that the generations before us. Their life followed a law of cause and effect accepting that status quo. 

The new science, Quantum Physics allows us to make choices, it lets us to be creators and cause the effect. We live in an amazing time of life of this planet. Our vibrations are rising and people are opening up to new possibilities. Just look at Elon Musk and his plan to save the humanity. And he is succeeding in it because he is selfless and willing to dream big.

Scientists now know that our genes don't control our life, it is our lifestyle that does the trick. And because of that when we change the way we look at things and improve our wellbeing we are able to become a better version of ourself. So it is important to stay positive as much as you can to help your body and mind to recharge. 

Every coming decade we completely rebuild our body, we are not the same people as a decade ago. Just look at your pictures from a decade ago, you don't look anything like yourself then. Each cell in our body replaces itself and can regenerate each organ every decade. That's why we can't recognize some people we haven't seen for awhile. That's great news for all of us, even if you are sick and battling a disease of sorts in this decade, you still have hope. You are the only one to change the conditions of your health and well-being by focusing on getting better, surrounding yourself with positive, loving people and doing everything you can to get there. 

Never giving up is the only way to live in this lifetime. We are no longer passengers of life, we are in control and in a driver seat able to change any life circumstances that we have dominion over.

I want to share a treasure I've found to be helpful to me and I hope that it can change the way you look at things for you as well

Bruce Lipton Wisdom


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