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Yolanda Russo, holistic skin care expert believes that skin aging is preventable and better yet it is reversible. 
The intrinsic aging or our genetically determined  aging has very little to do with the way we look, scientists claim that it might be less than 20%, the rest of it is in our hands and it is influenced by the lifestyle and the environment.

You might be saying I am beginning to look like my mother but the reality is you might be so it is not doesn't matter how your mother or grandmother looked when they reach their 40's or 50's. Your genetic combination is as unique as your fingerprints, and if you are beginning to develop the same creases as your mother or father that just demonstrates that you love them and you simply align with them anyway you can. The phenomenon of mirroring is known in the marketing industry however it applies exactly the same way here. If you want to show that you like someone you simply mimic exactly what they do to get into a rapport with them. 

That means you can control the lines between your eyebrows, the forehead lines or even the double chin. All you need to do is to become aware of it and make an effort not to hold the facial expression for as long as your mom or dad does. It sounds simplistic but I recommend giving it a try for a month and see how does your skin look after the trial.
So here are the steps:
1. Become aware of the expression that etches lines on your forehead. When do you do that? How long do you hold it? Do you have to show your emotions this way? 
2. Stand in the mirror and have a chat with someone you are very close to, your mom, your spouse, your friend etc. 
3. Start talking and smiling and look at your face. Are you holding the crinkle, does the line between the eyebrows getting deeper as the conversation progresses? 
4. Once you discover when you like to wrinkle the face you will be able to control it. Study your mom's or dad's face and see who do you trying to mimic. Once you answer those questions you can confidently break the habit. 

If you would like to learn exactly how to reverse skin aging naturally stay tuned for soon to be released course  DIY Younger You: Beauty On Command Method.

You can login to and download the simple and effective Home Care Routine to start your journey to a younger and more glowing skin. 

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