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Collagen is a fibrous tissue that holds our body together. A major part of our skin and hair is made of collagen. To make collagen your body requires protein rich foods such as meat, beans or dairy products and vitamins and nutrients that will be converted into amino acids in order for the collagen to take a form.
As you age, your boody may not absorb nutrients as efficiently as it did in your younger years and this is why taking supplements in addition to a healthy diet might be nedded in order for the body and mind to keep up with the life in general.
At this point you might have seen multiple kinds of collagen powders on the market and might be confused. It is best to start from the basic understanding that your body has its own "protein factory" and has been building collagen naturally when the proper amino acids and nutrient are supplied with each meal you eat.
The book Younger You by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald spells out the best plan that includes the right diet that helps to extend one's biological age.
There are many products on the market that are promoting the collagen production which are classified as
Type I: This type makes up 90% of your body's collagen. It is found in the dermis.
Type II: This type of collagen provides join support
Type III: This type of collagen is found in muscles, arteries and organs
Type IV: This one is very important in this conversation because it is found in the skin 
To improve your skin you might want to look for collagen supplements containing Type I and IV. Here is a study that may reveal direct benefits of collagen supplements, but the body will always use amino acids from the foods you supply directly to your digestive tract.
It is easy as One Cup A Day:
As a skin care professional I recommend doing everything possible to increase your collagen in order to look and feel younger. A cup of bone broth a day  is a natural substitute to all of those collagen supplements you see on the market. You can find DIY receipes and make your own.
Getting nutrients from the fresh and organic foods is best, but collagen supplements are second best. Hydrolized collagen powder is known to be most beneficial supplement out of all other powders because your body can absorb it easily. 
When it comes to your skin and keeping it glowing and looking younger, you will benefit more from the foods you eat than the collagen creams. Applying a collagen cream does nothing to the skin as it is impossible to absorb such large molecules but stimulating collagen serums such as Firming Peptide Serum or Ascorbic Acid with Glutathione will do the trick in seconds. Find our plant based BOC Skin Care line of products HERE.

To help your body and the skin to stimulate collagen you need to keep your body active. Face exercise helps in stimulating the blood flow to the surface layers of the skin as a result it help is to look younger naturally.

Glowing Skin is a Healthy Skin. Take a quiz to find out and get help you need from our Skin Care Expert, Yolanda Russo.  

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