Be Kind. Show Compassion To Yourself.


We are just 11 hours away from year 2023!

What are you thinking when reflecting on the year that is just ending? Are you criticizing yourself for the way you look, are you doubting your talents or unsure of future successes in life and/or career? The truth is you are just too tough on yourself.

Most of us are.

We think the outside world is not fair to us, but in reality we are unfair to ourselves. Since the world is not perfect, no one is perfect why should you expect that from yourself? Live your life to the fullest and only focus on what makes you happy, that what you can control. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton teachings give us clear understanding of life and the negative self-talk phenomenon. He claims that by the age of 7 years old we are completely preprogrammed for life. Everything that we have been exposed to during this time period was recorded in our brain as a program. If you grew up in a tough household with the parents shouting at each other or abusing each other you recorded this as a normal behavior. When you teachers were constantly expecting more from you without rewarding your for your accomplishment you were programmed to that and might feel 'not  enoughness' through life.

This is one reason why we go through life looking for evidence of 'not enoughness', that we don't deserve love or that we don't believe the love even exists.

How do you change that and become more compassionate to yourself?

Ask yourself a question What Brings Me Joy In Life?

Many of us are able find the things that are in a way of finding joy in life, but the reality is no one is responsible for us to find it - we are in charge of that.

“As long as you are breathing, there is more right with you than there is wrong, no matter how ill or hopeless you may feel” - Jon Kabat-Zinn (1990) 

The state of gratitude counteracts the negative self talk. By simply practicing gratitude and appreciating the little things that make our life happy we can reprogram our brain and help ourselves to get un-stuck and shake off the anxiety. 

Gratitude is not about pushing away the challenges, rather acknowledgement that they exist but you choose to consciously put attention on what you love and enjoy.  And only then you can start thinking of the problems and try to diffuse them as quickly as possible or let them go. There are some things you have no control over and you should let them go out of your mind. If you can be kind to yourself you then can be kind to others. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza says that we we should never wait for someone or something outside of us to make us happy. It's up to us to find the good in life and change our self-talk. We can to change our internal state of being by focusing on gratitude and then we won't need anything from the external world to make us happy.

So if you want to look and feel younger and more successful in 2023 change the negative self-talk to an attitude of gratitude.

Stop looking for evidence that you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not lovable, not smart enough, rather focus on what's wornderful about you and how unique you are. Once you transform your state of being you can reprogram your mind and become the person you'd love to become without any effort. That person is within you and everyone in the world is waiting for you to show up as a best version of yourself.

We can only change the world when we change ourselves. 

Look and Feel Younger and Happier. It is up to you! 

Happy New Year!






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