What Ages Your Skin Prematurely

Did you know that excess sugar breaks down collagen and causes your skin to lose elasticity? The sun is just as damaging, please use sunscreen when UV Index is 3 or above. You can check your phone app to determine the number. Skin aging is inevitable but you don't want to volunteer to have it aged prematurely. What can you do? The first thing is you need to focus on increasing the level of antioxidants in your diet and then apply skin care products that are nutrient rich. Face massage is a perfect antidote to skin sagging and you can learn how-to from my course DIY YOUNGER YOU or I can design a plan for you after speaking with you over zoom Online Beauty Visit. Read more

Interview With The Founder Of Beauty On Command Method

I'm Irene Weinberg, https://ireneweinberg.com/ a podcaster and recipient of Yolanda's facial treatments and I've been doing it now for the past four years. I no longer need fillers or Botox. The Beauty On Command Method teaches me how to take care of my skin at home. What I love about the knowledge that you apply to the field of skincare Yolanda, is that you combine emotional health, physical health and beauty into one package that is beneficial for everything. Read more

Double Chin Can Be Avoided

If you can exercise your body and get toned why not to exercise your face? You can look more radiant and tighten the neck muscles just as well. Read more

DIY Dark Circle Flush Method

All it takes is 30 seconds twice a day and your under eye area can look younger again. Yolanda Russo. holistic skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa, Verona New Jersey USA explains. Read more

5 Key Tips On How to Avoid Maskne

www.speranzi.com As wearing an anti coronavirus mask became part of our daily routine with that it come another skin problem. Yolanda believes that beauty comes from the inside. Along side of eating healthy you need to find the right skin care products that can support the well-being of your skin. Yolanda Russo, skin care expert and creator of BOC and ZZB plant based skin care has a couple recommendation you can implement right away. Read more

3 Ways Of Erasing Signs Of Aging Naturally

As the old saying goes "To Look Good You Need To Feel Good". Yolanda Russo, skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa proclaims that beauty really starts from the inside. As we are coming back to a normal life after a long quarantine period we might want to focus on self-care and self-love above anything else at this time. Kristi Sullivan is joining us to talk about the importance of breath work and yoga practice. Read more

Welcome to Your Face Story Podcast

Quarantine time is here! What to do? Let's do some inventory in our bathroom cabinet. So what do you do with those products? You don't want to throw them out so let's repurpose them. Any facial exfoliating product we can use on the top of the hands and the neck/chest area, body exfoliants you can use on the rest of the body and your feet. Read more

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