Today we place a lot of focus on self image. Selfies trend and being on camera is the biggest motivator for many. Today’s bosses are much younger than a decade ago. Many women in their 60’s are still working and certainly don’t want to look like the grandmas.

All women want to have glowing, wrinkle free looking skin. Dark spots,sagging skin, frown lines, discoloration and even double chin can be restored via relaxing yet skin tightening BOC NF treatment. Our mission is to save million women from the risks of invasive procedures. If you’ve watched the show ‘Botched’ you’d understand our passion in helping you to avoid being in such dire circumstances.

BOC Natural Facelift (BOC NF) is a non-invasive, proven and very effective process of skin and muscles retraining so that they go back to the youthful state. There are many different elements to this facial treatment. In general it is a fusion of face stimulation through European face massage, micro current, old fashioned cupping and skin care.

What’s included in the BOC NF package? There are four weekly sessions in the package of BOC NF. Each session focuses on one part of the face. The muscles become toned and lifted because of increased circulation and the increased supply of the nutrients to the skin. We believe if you eat healthy and drink enough water the results are going to be immediate.

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