Use safe and natural skin care to look younger

Look 10 Years Younger. No Risk. No Injury


All women want is to have glowing, wrinkle free skin. Dark spots,sagging skin, frown lines, discoloration and even double chin can be restored via relaxing yet skin tightening BOC NF treatment. My mission is to save million women from the risks of invasive procedures. If you’ve watched the show ‘Botched’ you’d understand my passion in helping you to avoid being in such dire circumstances.

BOC Natural Facelift (BOC NF) is a non-invasive, proven and very effective process of skin and muscles retraining so that they go back to the youthful state. There are many different elements to this facial treatment. In general it is a fusion of face stimulation through European face massage, micro current, old fashioned cupping and skin care.

What’s included in the BOC NF package? There are two 90 min sessions that can be completed in a week. Each session focuses on one part of the face. The muscles become toned and lifted because of increased circulation and the increased supply of the nutrients to the skin. The skin is renewed and restored as well as the mind. The increased oxygen in the skin allows the mind to relax giving you an additional benefit.


How does it work?

Our skin is a living and breathing organ. It protect our body, it keeps it balanced. But when you are stressed or dehydrated your skin feels the same and it shows stress by looking dull and lifeless. When your body is dehydrated the skin shows wrinkles. All that can be repaired when you start taking care of your body. Your lifestyle directly influences the way your skin looks. You can’t look for skin enhancement procedures when your muscles are weak and you don’t get  enough rest. The BOC Natural Facelift works with your body to give you an immediate lift when you are healthy and strong. Before you choose this option make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to maximize the benefits of this natural skin healing process.

Is there a guarantee?

Although it has never happened that someone did not see the younger more firm skin after getting the Natural Face Lift we are offering a promise that if you don’t see the result after the first treatment you will get your money back and you pay just a regular price for a facial that you’ve received.

The results will last for as long as you follow our recommendation. You will learn what causes your skin aging. Then follow the steps to implement the healthy routine and break the bad habits that maybe contributing to your wrinkles or skin aging. You will receive a training on home care which requires 5 min of face massage a day and the use of the skin care.

As a benefit to those who complete the BOC Natural Facelift you have an option to enroll into the membership program and let us help you to maintain the skin for as long as you wish.

Do I need to purchase skin care along with the service?

Even though the more you use professional skin care the quicker the result you can use yours if you wish. We do recommend you use our Firming Peptide Serum though to keep the skin strong.

How quickly do I see the results?

The results are immediate. We work on the muscles. As you know, when you go to the gym you can rebuild the tone of your muscles quickly. There is an additional benefit you get from stimulating the muscles, as you know all living cells have memory. As we exercise and feed the skin with nutrients the cells will inevitably go back to the youthful state. You will look like you 10 years ago!

Special skin care that includes peptides and fruit acids such as AHA is recommended for daily use after the process is completed. Our peptide treatment serum restores the energy in skin cells creating new cells. The skin becomes young and firm again in a very quick time frame, that is in about 2 weeks.

Will this work on sun damaged skin?

This process is great for any skin however if your skin requires repair then it needs to be addressed first. There is a lot you can do at home in preparation for this treatment so please don’t be concerned. Schedule you Free Consultation by calling 973 228 7727

Will this work if I lost a lot of weight and have a lot of extra skin?

Yes we’ve worked with many people who have lost a lot of weight in the past and the results are great. Typically you’ll have sagging skin on the cheeks and the neck, you will definitely see the results but there may be some additional recommendation of either home care or a service such as microdermabrasion prior to the natural face lift treatment.

Will this work for me if I just recovered from serious illness and have deep wrinkles?

This natural face lifting process assists in skin rejuvenation and muscle strengthening and it can be done on any skin type. However, you may need additional facial treatments to strengthen and exfoliate the skin to prepare the skin for quick repair.

Can I use retinol therapy while doing this treatment?

Please check with the doctor. We don’t use any chemicals but may be using energy to stimulate the skin so it may cause undo irritation. We recommend you stop using the retinol therapy 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

What if I have collagen or other injections in the past?

Yes you can receive this treatment on other parts of the face like neck or jawline not on those that are filled. Please check with your doctor how long do you need to wait before receiving this treatment.

What if I had plastic surgery in the past?

You must check with your doctor before scheduling the consultation.

What if I am sensitive to a lot of skin care products?

Most skin sensitivity comes from using the wrong skin care products. As long as you are healthy otherwise you won’t have a problem with our skin care used during the treatment.

What if I have a rosacea?

As long as your doctor allows you to have a facial treatment than you are completely ok. Our products used during the treatment are based on botanicals and don’t contain any irritants.


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