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The Natural Face Lift

My name is Yolanda Russo, an esthetician and founder of Beauty On Command Natural Facelift.

All we want is to have a glowing, wrinkle free skin. Anything from the dark spots to sagging skin and frown lines can be restored via relaxing yet skin tightening Natural Face Lift Treatment.
My mission is to help women to avoid the risks of invasive procedures. I hope I can help you too!

Beauty On Command Natural Face Lift is a non-invasive, proven and very effective process of retraining your facial muscles to go back to the youthful state. In general it is a fusion of face stimulation through European face massage, micro current, old fashioned cupping and skin care.

What’s included in the Natural Face Lift Package?
During the initial consultation we’ll map out the plan on how to make your face look its best right away. We then schedule your first treatment during which we’ll work to stimulate the circulation in your facial muscles so that they can respond to the face massage treatment. The second treatment helps us to deliver the nutrients deep into skin and restore the youthful glow.
The package consists of two weekly –90 min sessions. You can call it Gym For Your Face.

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What Others Say

I lost a lot of weight and had so much extra skin all over my face. After my first session at the speranzi facial spa, my face feels fresh and rejuvenated and my face already shows A LOT less wrinkles! Three more sessions before my face looks back to normal.. theres no reason to do plastic surgery when you have Yolanda. She is wonderful and puts the youth back into your life!

Wonderful experience! I always thought that when I got older I would want to undergo a facelift of some kind but now that I’m there, I have decided that I just don’t want to undergo something that could radically change my appearance and make me look unnatural. I look at pictures of people who’ve undergone facelifts and most don’t look as beautiful as those who’ve aged with grace. So I am happy to have discovered Yolanda who is exercising my face just like I exercise my body and teaches me techniques to do at home. Every time I come to her, she teaches me something new about how to maintain my health as well as a more youthful appearance. The experience is very relaxing and enjoyable and produces results. I am a happy client and I anticipate being one for a long time to come

I just experienced Yolanda’s anti-aging facial massage this weekend and feel like I’ve discovered a great new approach to keeping 60something skin looking more youthful and healthy. After one hour-long treatment, I saw an immediate improvement in the loose/crepey skin on the front of my neck and along my jawline — the kind of smoothing/lifting effect I thought you could only get from a surgical procedure (which I have no interest in doing).
I’ve never been a regular consumer of facials, as I feel like they’re mostly about layering expensive lotions on the face and not much more. But Yolanda’s active massaging techniques really stimulated all the muscles in the face and neck — a process that was both invigorating and relaxing. She also does a wonderful job of explaining the art and the science behind her own line of skin products, which are moderately priced and will hopefully continue all the benefits I saw from just one treatment. Highly recommended!

I was looking to have a facial because I was turning 54 years old in November. My skin looked dull & wrinkles were starting to appear on my forehead & around my eyes. I found Speranzi Facial Spa online & made an appt. When I met Yolanda at Speranzi, I instantly felt a connection. I have had many facials before but never have i felt someone with so much knowledge of my skin by just looking at me. It’s almost like she could read my mind on what was going on in my life.
I bought her skin care products, had a facial, and then signed up for microderm. With each treatment and by using the skin care products twice a day, I saw amazing results! My skin has NEVER looked so good. My makeup goes on smoother, I look healthy & younger!
Yolanda is the best kept secret and i am so happy that I found her and Speranzi Spa!! I will never go anywhere else! She is a warm, caring , and she is brilliant regarding skin care and overall people skills. I have learned more about my skin in the short time that I have spent with her. If you are looking for the best skin care professional, you do not have to travel far because Speranzi Facial Spa is right in West Caldwell NJ. I could not recommend this spa more!!!

Yolanda is truly talented and skilled. I have had facials in many salons in the US and abroad and can say, hands down and without reservation, that hers are the best and most effective I have experienced. Her Natural Face Lift is miraculous.